How can I change the Logs Wizard messages limit ?

You can change that limit by editing the parameter wizard_max_msgs in /etc/aat/aat.xml file.

How can I configure Octopussy to interact with my LDAP/SMTP/Jabber server ?

You can configure your LDAP/SMTP/Jabber server on the WebUI [[web#system configuration page|System Configuration Page]].

How can I contribute to Octopussy Project ?

Look at the Contribution section of the Community Page.

How can I create a new Octopussy Plugin ?

Look at the Plugin Howto Page.

How can I create a new Octopussy Service ?

Look at the New Service Creation tutorial.

How can I handle Windows Hosts ?

You can use Snare Agent for Windows to send Windows logs to Octopussy.

Take a look at Administrator Guide/Installation/Windows Host with Snare Agent.

How can I login to Octopussy Web interface ?

The default login / password are admin / admin.

How can I see how many logs I received ?

You can see the number of syslog messages you received on the last minute on the WebUI [[web#main page|Main Page]].

What are software requirements for Octopussy ?

You can get the list of software requirements in Administrator Guide/Installation/Standard Installation/Software Requirements.

What is a Device in Octopussy ?

A Device is one source of syslog messages. A Device can contains one or more Services.

What is a Message in Octopussy ?

A Message is an object with 6 fields:

  • message id: this id is unique.
  • pattern: this pattern is converted to regexp by Octopussy Parser to match syslog messages.
  • logelevel: this level represents the criticity of the Message.
  • taxonomy: it defines the category of the Message. (Auth, Network, System...)
  • table: this table is used by Octopussy Reporter to generate Reports.
  • rank: this is the position of this Message in its Service.

What is a Plugin in Octopussy ?

Look at the Plugin Howto Page.

What is a Service in Octopussy ?

A Service is a collection of Messages.