Octopussy Map Howto

In Octopussy, a Map is just a picture where you define clickable area in order to be redirected to Device Dashboard page.

The Maps files are stored in /var/lib/octopussy/conf/maps/ directory.

Here is an example of xml map file:

<opt name="global_map"
    description="Global Map"
    <area aid="building1"
        x1="170" y1="0"
        x2="295" y2="175" />
    <area aid="building2"
        x1="585" y1="0"
        x2="715" y2="175" />
    <area aid="Device1"
        x1="345" y1="280"
        x2="415" y2="390" />
    <area aid="Device2"
        x1="480" y1="280"
        x2="550" y2="390" />

In this file, we indicate the Map Picture with filename (here /var/lib/octopussy/conf/maps/global.gif) and 4 clickable area (2 'Device' area & 2 'Map' area) in this picture.

Each area is defined by Top-Left/Bottom-Right coordinates (x1,y1,x2,y2) and the device or the map you will be redirected if you click on it.

If you click on a 'Device' area, you will be redirected to the Device DashBoard Page.

If you click on a 'Map' area, you will be redirected to this Map.